Oliver Soper

Oliver Soper


Oliver was the co-founder of OST Energy, an engineering consultancy specializing in renewable energy. OST advised on over 30GW of solar, wind and biomass renewable energy projects in over 25 countries across the world with offices on every inhabited continent. In 2015 OST Energy was purchased by Rina Consulting S.P.A. where Oliver holds an advisory position.

He was also the Co-founder of successful project development companies Sun and Soil Ltd, and Energy Reservoirs who have developed 18 major renewable energy and battery storage projects within the UK.

Oliver has a thorough understanding of renewable energy project requirements at all stages of development and operation for each key stakeholder, and a clear comprehension of the market dynamics required for a renewable industry to scale successfully in a given geography.

Oliver is a skilled manager, director, and business expander, with sound experience leading and growing multi-disciplinary teams in multiple geographies.

He has worked on a comprehensive range of power engineering projects across the world including; solar PV, utility battery storage, landfill gas, waste incineration, onshore and offshore wind, solar thermal, marine renewable technologies, combined cycle gas turbines, and coal-fired plant.

He holds a Master of Science in Renewable Energy Systems Technology and a Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Out of work Oliver enjoys various outdoor activities, and eating and drinking with friends and family.