Oasthouse Ventures develop businesses which have a positive impact on the world. Our team is passionate about starting and growing businesses and we continue to work with and invest in people and ideas which reflect our sustainable values.

The future of manufacturing! BatchWorks is a digital, on-demand manufacturer, using recyclable materials with short supply chains.

A rapidly growing digital marketplace featuring ethical brands.

The Wildwood ethos revolves around the growing of low-carbon, high quality produce, closer to the end consumer.

EVC installs fully funded EV charging points and has raised £165m for an ambitious UK wide roll-out.

Known as “the record label for food”, Sessions curates and promotes brands with its partner kitchens and operates several large food markets.

Landström is a residential housing development business, specialising in self-build strategic promotion sites across the UK.

Solar development business with 13 utility scale solar projects in the UK sold to various infrastructure investors.

Utility scale battery energy storage developer, with 100MW developed and sold to various infrastructure investors.

Solar development business of utility scale solar projects in the USA, multiple portfolios developed and sold to infrastructure investors.

Developer of world-first greenhouses using waste heat from water treatment plants, completed, sold and fully operational since 2021.

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