Low Carbon Farming (Current)

In January 2021 the first 1 million plants went into our 70 acres of high-tech greenhouses. The greenhouses mark a world first for decarbonisation- capturing waste heat from a waste water treatment works to provide 90% of the heat the greenhouses require. The greenhouses represent a blueprint for low carbon agriculture, but moreover an example of how we can better utilise the resources we find around us.

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Our 40 acres of high tech, controlled environment greenhouse on the outskirts of Norwich.


Construction underway at Ingham and Crown Point.


High-tech greenhouses offer controlled environment growing conditions. In doing so they can grow far more produce, with far fewer inputs, without polluting the environment.


The £120m investment is from major UK pension funds, managed by Greencoat Capital.


Our Investment

Develop sustainable commercial scale, low carbon agricultural growing solutions.


Our Role

Oasthouse conceived of the idea, executed the entire project and managed the construction, which was successfully completed in January 2021.


Business Involvement

3 years of design work and 2 years of implementation by our team to bring about the first projects.

Partnership Investments

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